Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rehab progress 18

Some things we learn with the greatest of difficulty.

I am reminded that when I need a bathroom, I don't have any time to waste. Very short warning. Apparently some damage to my brain short-circuited the early warning system, so I sometime have a surprise when I am ill-prepared to deal with it.

I have also learned, by sad experience, that sandals have some advantage over shoes, in cases where I remember the first lesson too late. When I pee my pants, it runs down my leg. If I am wearing sandals, the flood will drain away harmlessly. But if I am wearing shoes, it runs down and fills them to overflowing. This has unhappy consequences for the shoes and socks, in addition to wetting my trousers and underwear.

I got new sandals this summer, thinking of the convenience. They have a very easy velcro closure that makes them really neat to put on.

I never thought about the advantage of being well drained and quick drying. Unfortunately the weather here has grown colder, so today I was wearing athletic shoes -- expensive Nikes -- today for the overflow event.

Ah, well. Yet another of those invaluable lessons of esoteric knowledge that cannot be gained, except by experience. I can easily shower and wash my clothes.

I just hope my shoes will dry out...


Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

Heh. Quick drying... Well, at least you don't live here in Texas. It took my shoes literally 1 week to dry out after having been in the washer. And that was outside in the sun... I was worried that they would mildew or mold or fungus or whatever before I ever got to wear them again. If I step in a puddle or something early on in the day, I can count on having cold, wet, clammy feet all day...

And hey, if it gets too cold for you, you should bring Grandma and Grandpa down for a visit. I recommend February (although anytime is pleasant) - at that point the novelty of snow and cold has worn off and a little escape might be nice...

Jim Cobabe said...


I used to travel to the IBM offices in Austin. The airline stopped on the way at San Antonio first, sat on the runway with the doors open for a few minutes, then took off again. Everyone clapped when they shut the doors again, and it wasn't because they were happy to be on their way -- it was relief to have the wave off heat and mugginess shut out. Truly some challenges from oppressive weather in that locale.

I have laughed about other people wetting their pants often enough. I guess it is my turn to be laughed at now. It has proven more difficult to laugh when the guilty party is me. And more laundry to wash, too.

Life goes on. Gives new meaning to the phrase, "This too shall pass".