Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rehab progress 14

I honestly wish I had something more positive or significant to report.

Progress is slow, alas. I am not going to compete in a marathon race this week.

Challenges continue to impede my progression. They tend to be the most mundane of things. I feel like a whiner to even iterate my trivial complaints.

One thing that continues to plague me is difficulty moving my right foot. It is an impediment when trying to enter and exit the car. It is like I cannot even get out of my own way. Slow movement is the rule. I have to move with care, too, for everything I do. I am so afraid of falling down and hurting myself, or someone standing nearby.

It bothers me to be bothered with such concerns. I never had such worries before, and I do not think it is an issue that other normally even think about. But it nags at me fairly constantly.

I get a lot of praise for my performance at the physical therapist workout. But the progress is minimal. I wish I could do more, and am impatient.

This week I increased my treadmill time to 20 minutes at 2 mph. But it is nothing in comparison to a 30-mile hike through the mountains at 12000 feet elevation. I am working in that direction, but it seems like an unattainable goal. I will have to be satisfied with the treadmill -- for now

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