Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ludicrous images

When I used to deliver pianos for Summerhayes Music, many years ago, we made regular trips to the avenues and to the downtown Salt Lake City area. During conference time, we always used to see a man hanging around Temple Square dressed in a red devil costume. It was a funny sight to see, and we always laughed.

These days, I wonder about those kinds of images. Red devils are a bit more threatening than they used to be. Such pictures come to life in my nightmares -- and I see them very often. Pictures like Rafael's little cherubs seem a lot more innocent and innocuous.

In fact, the character from Star Wars, the first episode, now appears with fairly great regularity in my more disturbing dreams. Not a welcome guest in my head, to be sure.


Jim Cobabe said...

Wouldn't it be great to have the capability to deal such a blow to the devil like the character in the Star Wars film? Obi-wan slices him into pieces with his blazing light-saber, and he falls away into the abyss, wearing a surprised look on his face as he tumbles away.

I never get to do this in my nightmares. Whenever the devil appears, I always wake up, in a panicked sweat of anxiety and fear.

Brian said...

Bring me into those dreams, I'll beat them up for you in a second. This little guy packs a big whallop (I know i spelled that wrong).

anything for my favorite man on the planet.

Jim Cobabe said...


Things that happen when I am asleep sometimes are frightening, because it seems like I am not in control, but I can always wake up. Spooks and things that go bump in the night are always cleared up pretty quickly, fortunately for me.