Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blood pressure

What is high blood pressure?

Of course I understand the simple mechanics of hydrostatic pressure in the vascular system. That part is fairly easy to figure out. But all the rigamarole and nonsense about treating hypertension is incomprehensible. I am not stupid about such things, but I find most of the medical discussion about this matter to be less than enlightening, at best. At the worst, it is obvious that the medical establishment uses this issue to explain what they do not understand, to instil fear in medical consumer market, and to drive people to seek a non-existent cure for something that may not even be a health problem in the first place.

It seems as if the doctors discovered a cure that no malady existed for, so they had to invent one. Like the narrowly focused man who has a hammer, to which everything looks like a nail. A hundred different drugs for controlling high blood pressure are on the prescription drug market now, but nobody really understands what they do or how they work. What doctors know, it seems, is how much they can make selling those little pills. They seldom think about other ways the drugs may be affecting people.

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