Monday, October 13, 2008

October 2008 General Conference: Angels of Mercy

I confess, Elder Holland intrigued me with his talk about angels.

I have mostly dismissed the idea of angelic ministrations. Frilly, new-age illustrations of feathery angels with flapping wings like a huge swan put me off from the whole idea.

But Elder Holland explains, in his conference talk, that angels still come to us, and are always around, seen and unseen.

I will have to reconsider my scepticism.

(The picture of angels is by Rafael, by the way. Artists are probably responsible for a lot of confused ideas about angels.)

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B. Perky said...

My brother, Roger had some extra help when he was hit by a car as a child. My dad and your dad came from work to load him in the back of the station wagon and take him to the hospital. I've come to think Uncle George was there too.