Friday, September 26, 2008

Ultimate Cruelty in Spam

As ever, and like so many others, I continue to be inundated with unsolicited bulk email. The cruel irony is that so much of it has suddenly become so strikingly and almost laughably inappropriate.

Most of the trash I get is filtered out at my SpamCop account (which is very helpful, btw. Check out SpamCop if you have similar problems.)

I review the held mail from time to time, mostly to see what is there, also to check if there is anything good or useful that is being filtered. The vast majority of spam offers me something like Viagra or Cialis, or offers to increase the endowment of sexual power or size or stamina, or something similarly stupid. What is particularly stupid and cruel to me, in a very personal way, is that I cannot function in the most basic ways that these false remedies could never aid or repair. Anyway, I suppose I am at the bottom of the list of socially or sexually attractive potential right now. No one in their right mind would want me now, and no phony quack medicine or pill will ever fix that -- it is simply impossible. It is almost the furthest thing from my mind.

What is most ironic is my own lack of desire for anything similar. I long ago stopped wishing for sexual desires to be fulfilled. It no longer appeals to me. Some after-effect from the anti-depressant drugs I took so much of for so long, perhaps. Or perhaps I have simply grown too old to wish or dream about sexual fulfilment any longer.

In any case, most of the spam so directed misses the mark with such strikingly incongruous appeals to my almost non-existent sexual drive. It would be truly funny, if it were not such a problem for others as well.

In fact, my mother tells me that her email account receives many solicitations that offer to increase the size of her male member - note that she is fully female, has never been so equipped, has never wanted to be, and is almost 80 years old. Surely not the target audience for such advertising!

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