Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rehab progress 7

I drove my car to church on Sunday. What a rush! (Literally.)

Driving seen through a different perspective. I found it to be rather a frightful experience.

I drove from Indianola down to the bank in Fairview after we had finished the finance work. I have had a problem with driving too slow -- Deana, the woman who I tested with, made that observation during my driving test. My right foot wants to relax gradually, so I slowly let up on the accelerator pedal. Resulting in too slow for circumstances. Slow drivers may cause as many traffic problems as speeders in places like Provo, so I tried to keep my speed up.

Out on the open highway, I tried to accommodate the speed limit by using my cruise control. I set my speed for the posted limit, trying not to obstruct traffic. It looked very scary to me. Everything seems to rush by too fast. All I could see was a lot of sagebrush, and a few cows here and there. It should not have been so frightful an experience. But it seemed very foreign and threatening, for some reason. Perhaps I just need some practice, to get used to it all.

In the mean time, if you should come upon me from behind, tooling down the road too slowly, please understand and have some patience. We'll get there eventually.


Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

I have the same problem myself. I don't know why people are in such a hurry to get wherever they are going. Slow down! Enjoy the ride! I am...

I came up with a pernicious trick to get people to stop tailgating. I step on the brake lightly with my left foot - just enough to turn the brake lights on - so it looks like I am slowing down. At the same time I am on the accelerator with my right foot, maintaining speed or even speeding up slightly. This throws people off. Then I take my feet off both pedals and slow down with the brake lights off - just a little coasting slow down, nothing drastic. But because people seem to think that if you are not on the brake you are on the gas, they get really close behind me. Then I do the whole brake light on while accelerating thing again, and repeat until they either move over or get off the road.

Yeah, I know it's petty - and probably dangerous. But it's interesting and it makes me feel like I am in control of a situation that I really have no control over...

pgk said...

I appreciate these updates, Jim. While I've had my own experience of being jolted into an alternate reality on account of brain health, your stories about your adventures provide me with further education.

Thanks for standing your ground, shaky as it may seem, in this way.