Friday, September 19, 2008

Rehab progress 5

Yesterday I visited with Deana at UVRMC rehab clinic to qualify my driving skills and capability.

She was most concerned with determining whether I can operate an automobile safely, without undue risk to myself or to others. I told her I would not be attempting this if I was not ready. She said she believed me.

After some preliminary testing to determine my state of readiness, we ventured out into the traffic of Provo and Orem with me at the controls. I passed with an acceptable performance, and am now certified as to my worthiness to drive a car safely. It was an important milestone for me, because I have been depending on others for transportation.

In this remote rural corner of north Sanpete, driving is more important than most others can even begin to imagine. I have had to be a passenger, or stay home. Everyone has been very kind and patient, and extended every courtesy and understanding. But it could never be the same as driving myself.

Even if I choose to continue as a passenger, it still seems different than being without other option. At least now I have a choice. Not everyone under similar circumstances is so fortunate.

My gratitude to the rehab folks at UVRMC. They have helped me along the way, especially when I could see no hope in the situation. I have worked especially with Shane, Richard, Alan, Deana. and Karen, the ever-helpful secretary. Others have helped too, and I am grateful to all. I only hope all their customers get such good service.

Great job, folks! My sincere thanks for all your help.

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