Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We3ll, i've had a stroke. I'm less than hal
f the man I used to be, and less than I am used to.
I so not know if I will get better or worse, but I vow to keep tryiing. to the last breath, if thats what it takes.

I never realized how difficult it is to type with one hand,


Michael (home) said...

Jim, Sorry to hear of your trouble. It's a strange world--a place we get through rather than a place we prevail. I'll be thinking of you. Best, MLU

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...


We are praying for you. We know that the Lord will bless you. Please keep fighting until you win - I know you will.

We love you. I love you.


Patricia Karamesines said...

Oh gosh, Jim, I'm so sorry to hear this and encourage you to do what it takes to get well. I've witnessed people recover from fairly serious strokes. It takes time. I hope you have a good support system, friends and family to help you when and where needed. I look forward to posts where you report on your recovery.

My e-mail address is patriciagk at mindspring dot com, if there's any way you think I might be able to help, even if I could just cheer for you.

Very earnest wishes for the best possible outcome.

Jim Cobabe said...

Therapist says

dont fall down.

Can you imagine?

The only good trick I have left, and I'm not supposed to.

Jim Cobabe said...

I can still type.
very slowly
wiill try to keep talking.

Cant even go to the toilet by myself.

People want to help the helpless -- thank you, but nothing you can do.
The hardest thing of all...

Researcher said...

Best wishes! I'm sure it will be a long, hard row to hoe, but as a gardener (don't you grow tomatoes?) you undoubtedly know about patience and hard work.

Eve said...

Jim, I'm so sorry. Prayers and best wishes for comfort, strength, and recovery.

Patricia Karamesines said...

These little poems you're writing single-handedly are great.

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

There is something we can do - we can keep loving you. It's hard to do when we're all the way out here in Texas. But we do.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your stroke and I wish you luck with your recovery!

Pam W.

rameumptom said...

You are in my prayers. Let me know if anything I can do from several hundreds of miles away.

Ardis Parshall said...

Whenever I see your name in the aggregator's comment list these days, Jim, I'm sure to click and read -- I know the comment isn't going to be a throwaway, but something that matters enough for you to make the effort.

Keep your chin up.