Thursday, April 26, 2007

Advocates of Impeachment

SLTrib article says there is a "growing tide" of advocates to impeach the Bush presidency.

It then goes on to list all the important players.

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

Cindy Sheehan.

Sen. Dennis Kucinich.

And a whole host of certifiably rabid and vacuous Hollywood activists.

Imagine that.

This really sounds like the same cast that has been playing the same "anti-war" tune for several years. Difficult to read from the article how this constitutes a "growing tide". Maybe it's just wishful thinking on part of the SLTrib editorial staff.

Anyway, the article then goes on to explain, in rather lame terms, that there's actually only mixed support for impeachment. Apparently Senator Kucinich has introduced articles of impeachment against Cheney, but with certain foreknowledge that the impeachment proposal will not be considered by the Congress. Here's a news article on that.

I would like to think that accusers at such a level have something at stake. In an ideal world, false accusations would not matter, since everyone would learn the truth and the innocent accused would be vindicated. Under the less-than-ideal circumstances of today's trial-by-media mentality, however, public opinion has a significant impact, and would seem to be rather easy to manipulate. I would feel far less cynical about this whole matter if it were stipulated up front that "anti-war" advocates face serious consequences when their false accusations prove to be without basis.

Let Rocky Anderson and Dennis Kucinich be removed from office themselves.

Let Cindy Sheehan and the other Hollywood hysterics resume their status as cartoon caricatures.

And let all the newspaper editors and media experts remember their own immoderate rhetoric, and be ashamed.

Wouldn't that be the day!

PS: Here a KSL news article reporting an "Impeachment Rally" in Salt Lake City this Saturday. Near as I can tell from the photos, only a handful of people were in attendance.

Additional evidence of the "growing tide" of support for this idea.