Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Global climate prognostication -- getting it right

There's just not enough reading between the lines going on in the global climate debate. It seems plain to me that liberal advocates of drastic measures to prevent "global warming" are simply manifesting a willful
desire to be in control -- of everything. They don't really care specifically about the environment. It's just yet another aspect of existence that they are grasping for control over.

As long as I have been keeping track, social liberals have believed they should be in control of society. They know in their heart of hearts that they are the only ones competent and wise and benevolent enough to manage everything in an equitable fashion. Just give them all your money and property, and your children and pets, just submit to their comprehensive plans and management systems, and everyone will be blissfully happy. And if you don't, there will be disastrous and dire consequences, because nobody else is qualified to do the job.

Now all the fear-mongering regarding global warming is another act in the play for control and power. If you are not smart enough to manage your own carbon budget, the liberals will just have to do it for you. Hillary and Algore are ready to step up and do the job. If you won't stop polluting the earth's environment, wise stewards from the liberal camp will manage your life for you so that you are prevented from further damaging the ecosystem. All the wise choices will be made for you, by those who are smarter and better at understanding "science". Because these all-wise and benevolent folks are in charge of your life, they'll make sure that you no longer have any need to make all those difficult choices.

You might notice that this program has somewhat of a familiar ring to it.

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