Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Window

The window was as tall as a door, and he had imagined many times that it would open into some other place and let him walk through and be there...

The window apparently wanted only to take his thoughts back. Which was fine with him, for he had seen the metal face of the age and had had been so stunned by it that when he thought into the future, all he could vision was a world from which everything he counted important had been banished or had willingly fled. (Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier)
The window beckons seductively, "Come away from this careful weary world, I have a beautiful view of the past. There are easier paths." But the vision of the window was false.

Pleasant memories cannot sustain our present. Wishful thinking cannot determine our future. We must face the reality of tomorrow regardless of injury or dismay.

How often we excuse ourselves because of sickness or discomfort. Yet we are not distinguished in suffering. Even the simplest beasts experience pain.

Rather, we become exalted through progress and learning, line upon line, extending our reach incrementally. Our approach to perfection is through trial and error, continuing always to strive to surmount the highest peaks...

Until we can climb no more.

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