Thursday, February 08, 2007

Postcard from the Mountains

Vignette framing a sparkling golden sunrise coming up over the grassy meadow.

Snowy mountain peaks are the background, dividing a clear blue sky scattered with white fluffy clouds. Across the picture a brooding dark row of conifers blocks the light from the sky. Luminous early morning mists tremble and waft ghostlike down the course of the streamlet, where icy clear water chuckles through the rocks. Nearby, the tall grass is covered with frost and rime ice that refracts the fiery gleam of sunrise into a hundred million jeweled rainbows that waver gently in the soft breeze. Silent and shapeless, a family of elk shuffles down the stream bank through the cloudy mists, breath steaming and ice crystals glinting on their backs.


Anonymous said...

I have one simple question.

What is the church of jesus christ of latter day saints official standpoint about the "sons of God marrying the daughters of men"?

1. Was it marriage between the sons from the line of seth and daughters from cains line?

2.Was it angels from heaven who married women from earth and bare children who became giants 3-15 meter tall.

It is very important for me that i get an honest answer and that i get an answer wich the church as wholesome can stand up for.

Below i give you some websites you can study so you get to know the subject.


Jim Cobabe said...

Obviously there is no "official stantpoint" on the passage in question, nor is there much at all that seems related. To me, speculation about giants and angels seems esoteric far beyond reason. I'm still meditating about "Let there be light".

Here's a link to a relevant discussion on another blog examining human evolution.