Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saddam is dead

I think it is gratifying to know that Saddam is dead. It is an indication that at least some positive progress is being made by Iraqi government. I had serious doubts that the Iraqi legal system could actually accomplish due process in this case.

My only regret is that his demise attracted such a public following. Better shot and abandoned like a mongrel dog, for vermin to feed on his carcase, in one of the torn and ravaged wastelands he helped create. How unfortunate that his remains could not be left, anonymous and unmourned, in one of the many nameless mass graves of Iraq populated through his campaign of genocide.

I guess I am just filled with brutal sentiments. Just imagine, I approve of warfare for the sake of establishing justice and peace and combating evil. And I support the death penalty as punishment for appropriate crimes. As far as I can tell, Saddam's fate represented the best course for justice and mercy.

The world is measurably better today than it was with him in it.
I believe justice and peace cannot coexist with evil tyranny. We will never establish peace by compromising with the devil, or by attempting to make treaties with those who aim to destroy us.

In my view, surrendering Iraq to whatever anarchy rushes in to fill the vacuum is not warranted to benefit anyone. Not Iraqis, not Americans, not Europeans -- it will not settle anything or prevent further loss of life or treasure. The way to realize the greatest benefit for everyone is to press on with whatever it takes to defeat the evil forces that oppose individual freedom and interfere with the promotion of democratic government.