Friday, May 26, 2006

Illegal immigrants

The US Senate has passed an immigration policy bill that includes
provision for widespread naturalization of currently illegal residents.

Immigration legislation

I tend to agree with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch in opposing the measure --

In clear language, granting amnesty rewards the lawbreaker, pure and simple.

Something must be done to deal with this problem, but giving it all away is patently unfair to those who have respected the law and attempted to immigrate legally. I do not understand the rationale for granting an easy path to citizenship to those who violated the law to gain entry to this country. It seems a strikingly bad start for new citizens.

My nephew's wife is a native of Korea. Even though she is married to a US citizen and has children who were born in this country, it took her many years to become a naturalized US citizen. Apparently she could have saved herself much trouble if she had only found a way to circumvent the laws and sneak in illegally.

Some commentators note that the current House proposals differ dramatically from the Senate bill, and will require extensive reworking to arrive at a compatible solution. It seems there are several House bills addressing immigration concerns, none of which contain the "amnesty" clause for current illegal residents.